January/February  Issue - 2016



Welcome To Our First Official Newsletter

We wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2016!
This year, 2016 will be an exceptional year for a number of us and we hope it will be your year for increased Happiness, Self-discovery, and Success. This New Year we have an opportunity to set groundbreaking goals striving to meet and exceed our expectations, using life skills brought forward from our past, present experiences and valued relationships. What we learned from our past, no matter how many mistakes were made, gives us the foundation to move forward and creating success in our lives.

I Am PROOF's mission is to re-create this for pre-teen boys and young men by putting them on a journey of self-discovery using life skills training, which will increase their self-confidence and promote leadership skills, sustainable for a lifetime of success.
This year we will provide our supporters, partners, sponsors and parents the opportunity to give us feedback through our website's blog and our new bi-monthly newsletter.  We want you to learn more about what we do and how you can help us - and let us know how we’re doing.
I Am PROOF, Inc. Promotes Responsibility, through Opportunity and Outcome through Faith and self- determination.  As we hear so often, "It takes a village to raise a child." What does that mean?  It takes you and I Am PROOF, Inc. to build the foundation together - through increased awareness, promoting success, and providing support.  
Happy New Year!

Jacqueline Chandler,
President and CEO


January is Now National Mentor Month

President Obama has declared January as National Mentoring Month in a proclamation released on December 31, 2015.

This is exciting news for I AM PROOF, to have an entire month dedicated to what we pursue all year long - mentoring our future leaders.

If you'd like to read the entire proclamation, click here to visit our website blog and you can see it there.

Welcome To Our Newest Mentors

IAP is excited to welcome 6 new mentors to our team. They will help train and lead our students in the upcoming classes here in Brevard.

We need volunteers help with our program and our fundraising efforts.  Please contact us if you can help.

Financial Responsibility is a Skill

It's never too soon (or too late) to start learning how to manage money. That's why financial awareness and smart spending and saving practices are an integral part of our training at I AM PROOF.  

Guest speakers come in and teach our group important (and age-appropriate) lessons such as: how to set up a budget, what are wants vs. needs, and how to save for what you want.

The students leave our class with a good understanding of what it means to take financial responsibility personally. And they are also given some practical tools and activities to start them on their financial journey.

February 22 - 27, 2016 is America Saves Week and will be a nation-wide push to develop these skills and awareness.

Click this link and visit our blog for some great learning tools and tips for youth, teens, and - yes - even adults.  You can download and share these tools with your family and friends, complements of some of the best financial teaching sites out there.   
Thank you for following the work of

If you know of a group or organization that could use our training, please let us know.

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